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???? The BOOGER GHOST ???? Part 1 ????
It’s Halloween in Magic Tears World! The babies find a spell book and decide to cast one for the Booger Ghost to appear, but it doesn’t seem to work. Although… what is that sticky thing on the floor? It’s the Booger Ghost’s trace! He’s been stuck outside the spell book and needs to go back in before a day goes by or… he’ll be gone forever! The bad thing is that he’s a ghost and Cry Babies can neither see nor hear him. Will the Booger Ghost find a way to communicate with the babies to get their help back in his book?

???? The BOOGER GHOST ???? Part 2 ????
When Cry Babies try to help Booger Ghost get back in his spell book something goes wrong and… now some babies are ghosts too! What a disaster! Although… being invisible has some advantages: it’s time to play some pranks without the other babies knowing! But if they stay ghosts too long… they’ll end up disappearing! Will they be able to communicate with the other Cry Babies to help them find a solution?

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