Spinning Wheel of Blood Sweat and Tears

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Spinning Wheel of Blood Sweat and Tears as FINALS for Chorus Class
written by David Clayton-Thomas (born David Henry Thomsett b. 1941)

Spinning Wheel - written by David Clayton-Thomas Award winning Candian musician, singer, songwriter & lead vocalist of American Band Blood Sweat and Tears. Before moving to New York City in 1967, Clayton-Thomas fronted a couple of local bands, first The Shays and then The Bossmen, one of the earliest rock bands with significant jazz influences. But the real success came only a few difficult years later when he joined Blood Sweat and Tears. This song is under the R & B, Rock, Funk, pop. Jazz.
The Spinning wheel is an intriguing metaphor for the cycles of events we go through in life. There is also carousel imagery in the song as David references the carousel horses in the line “Ride the painted pony” This was inspired by a Joni Mitchell song called “The Circle Game” where Mitchell sings about seasonal cycles and brings in the carousel with the line “The painted ponies go up and down”. This song was huge in the summer of 1969 which made Blood Sweat & Tears a big drawback for Woodstock. They were the second highest paid act at the festival next to Jimi Hendrix although in the end it didn’t matter.

One of the most intriguing riddles in rock 'n' roll history is: How did Blood, Sweat & Tears get it name? In Al Kooper's book Backstage Passes and Backstabbing Bastards, the truth is finally revealed: "One particular night, Jimi Hendrix, B. B. King, myself, and an unidentified drummer and bass player were going at it all night at the Cafe Au Go At daybreak, when we finished playing, they put the house lights on and somebody observed: 'Christ! Look at the organ! There's blood all over the keyboard!' Sure enough, I had cut my hand playing, and in the state of bliss induced by my compatriot's sound had not felt a thing. What a great album cover, I thought. No. What a great name for a band."

Chorus Class:
Rach Opsimar
Elaine Guinto

Keanne Dedel
Julian Monteclaro
Recharlene Hall
Jewel Reyes

Joao De Leon
Bryle Tumague
Peter Banes
Joseph Gonzaga
Gary Manalang

Joshua Paraguya
Aldrin Igarta
Joaquin Flores

Bass Guitar, Drums, Video Editor:
Aldrin Igarta

Audio Engineers:
Peter Banes
Bryle Tumaque
Joao De Leon

Vocal Guide:
Recharlene Hall
Peter Banes
Joshua Paraguya
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