Secrets of Spirituality - 21

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Starting from till , online sessions were conducted on “Secrets of Spirituality”, covering the scientific, religious and philosophical aspects of spirituality. The primary purpose of this particular series is the discussion of spiritual health, as the purpose of the first series on “Art & Science of Eating” was the discussion of physical health, and the purpose of the next series on “Healthy Head & Healthier Mind” was the discussion of mental health. These particular sessions contain necessary information about the true spiritual existence within and without life, and the tips to have a realized lifestyle. The narrator wholeheartedly acknowledges the teachings of Maharshi Vedadri, Pandith Sudhakara Chathurvedee, Shree Sachidanandendra Saraswathee, and all the other innumerable seers and saints and sages all over the world since the prehistoric times. This particular video is the twenty first part of the series.
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