Sagittarius~Take Spontaneous Break! Possible Wrong Choice Made-Introspection Needed. It Gets Better!

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Your weekly 'tarotscope' is here! Come see what this week has in store for you for your Sun sign (your 'Core'), your Rising Sun (your 'Higher-Self'), Your Moon (Your 'Thoughts & Feelings') , & your Venus placement (your 'Relationships'-Love & Familial), as well.
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The 7th of May is a Full Moon in Scorpio. It's at 6:45am, tho, so you may feel's it's influences on the night of the 6th, too.
(Scorpio is a very psychic, transformative moon. We may deal with issues that deal with life-death matters, money, the psychic powers, & power. Many things may come to a head now, & tempers may be explosive, however, the power brings about major transformation & much change.)

The Moon is void-of-course on the 1st at 12:04pm. (Void-of-course moons make us foggy-minded & dreamy, & plans tend to not work out during this time in-between moon signs.) The Moon is in Leo on the 1st. Then, the Moon goes into Virgo on the 2nd at 1:35am. It goes void-of-course on the 3rd at 10:25pm. (The Moon in Leo tends to focus on creativity, children, & matters of pride, so be careful to not let your emotions turn into melodrama. This is a great time for making regal entrances or displays of affection.)

The Moon goes into Libra on the 4th at 4:09am. It goes void-of-course at 10:09pm on May 5th. (The Libra Moon focuses on relationships, love, & matters of right & wrong.)

The Moon goes into Scorpio at 3:05am on the 6th until the 7th, when it goes void-of-course at 10:39pm. (The Scorpio Moon tends to emphasize matters of life & death, sex, & money, & taps into matters of the psyche & may cause unearthed intense emotions to explode, but brings about much spiritual regeneration & transformation.)

Blessings to you, & Stay well.
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*Legal Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for anyone's actions or choices. Pls contact a licensed professional therapist or counselor if you need to.
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