Ronda's Quarantine Kitchen: How To Make Jerky #StayHome #WithMe

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Ronda continues her quarantine by making jerky out of venison hubby Travis Browne hunted last season. With the help of an air fryer and Blurry Jessie, everything turns out delicious.

Learn how simple and fun jerky-making can be in Ronda's Kitchen with the following ingredients:

Ronda and Blurry Jessie used a venison roast with three different marinade seasonings:

Recipe no. 1: Low sodium jerky:

Made simply by marinating the venison in teriyaki sauce for 8-24 hours (depending on flavor level you'd like).

Recipe no. 2: Salt and pepper teriyaki jerky:

Marinate the teriyaki jerky then add crushed black pepper and sea salt to taste.

Recipe no. 3: Everything jerky:

Use the teriyaki jerky as a base then add crushed black pepper, sea salt, onion powder and garlic powder to taste.

Using a Ninja Foodie, we used the dehydrate setting and had the venison drying for 3 hours at 165. Everyone's dehydrator will be different! Time and temperature will vary by your brand of dehydrator.

Enjoy and stay safe, Rowdy Ones!

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