Rain and shield of fire wisp tears i love that but i need life | The binding of isaac : Repentance |

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YaaaaaaaaaaaaaY ! UwU ! I hope you will enjoy this synergy ! in this serie i will test all active items in the game with book of virtues ! and today i will test 2 items and see what happen with book of virtues ! small video in saturday and sunday !

Wich is better ? UwU

I know I come out of nowhere and I know all other youtuber like me already test them ( or not ) but i want to share my personal experience, i found peace in my life with making so i search some good stuff in the game by mylsef to share to you and that does not matter if the others have already done and that I am treated as a is different and making the best in their own way with their own personality. i will do my own way with my true self and with you if you follow me too.

I will make 1 or 2 video per week "Namie's community sugestion/proposal" i will take your synergy and test it and credit you in a video to thanks all the people who follow me and watch me UwU you can use the hashtag "# namitest" if you reallly want to appear in videos I have no word except thank you ! hope you will enjoy my journey on youtube !


Timecode :

00:16 Breath of life
1:43 Breath of life + 9 volt + volt + car battery + the battery
2:20 Eden's soul
2:48 Breath of life + 9 volt + volt + car battery + the battery
4:18 Ending

Source and video :

Gameplay : Namie UwU, with debug command.
Edited by me with, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effect, Vegas pro 17.

Extra music source :

From the Album The Binding of Isaac Soundtrack

00 : 00 - 00 : 115 | Track Binding Of Isaac |
04 : 20 | Track Binding Of Isaac |

About the future of this channel :

I'm not the best i'm still a newbie here don't be rude with me UwU but you can help me to progress !Any criticism ( positive or negative ) will be used to improve my Video/channel !

As you know ( or not ) i didn't expect people will find my channel UwU
would you be interested in other content of this type? what would you like to see here, tell me and help me to develop the channel I will do my best and my maximum to satisfy you who watch the contents,I will be fully invested there and especially in passion because I like to share and interact with people but I have never had the opportunity to do it, made the proposals below I have project status in mind, drawing, animations, manga, videos games, what type of content do you want to see here ? *heart*


Namie is Love Namie Is Life
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