NEW BILL $400 +$3000 Unemployment Extension SSDI SSI Stimulus Update PUA FPUC Unemployment Benefits

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NEW BILL DETAILS $400/ $300 Unemployment Extension SSDI SSI Stimulus Update PUA FPUC Unemployment Benefits

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Here’s your unemployment update for Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Washington DC is adding up to 200 staff members and new technology to help its overloaded unemployment system, part of an $11 million effort to aid residents who are out of work.

Hundreds of residents have complained about delays in receiving benefits and having their claims approved, prompting calls for change from the Council.

Director of the Employment Services, Unique Morris-Hughes stated, “Agency staffers will undergo training to “improve quality of interactions” on Feb. 17 and Feb. 26th affecting operations on those days.

She also announced updates to several unemployment programs as well as a new program called Mixed Earners Unemployment Compensation intended for part-time employees.

This is great news as this provides more job opportunities and a chance to help out more people in the future.

Meanwhile, a state auditor has found that about 400,000 emails sent through Kentucky’s assistance link between March 19 and May 10th have remained unread and were archived by Gov. Andy Beshear’s administration.

State Auditor Mike Harmon stated, “These emails from claimants could include indications of issues or problems to address, not to mention general questions from unemployed Kentuckians.”

Harmon’s office says in the written findings that Kentucky’s Office of Unemployment Insurance made mistakes and violated federal law in a rush to handle the influx of claims that started last March.

Beshear’s administration did not directly respond to Harmon’s finding of the 400,000 unread emails.

So it plays into questions what other issues they did not address.

And finally, House Democrats unveil stimulus measures to extend $400 monthly unemployment benefits through the end of August.

The House Ways and Means Committee, led by Chairman Richard Neal, released the language of its budget measures on Monday and revealed its proposal to extend $400 monthly unemployment benefits through August 29th.

This is different than Joe Biden’s request for benefits to be extended through the end of September to ensure unemployed Americans continue to receive the aid they need.

In addition to the unemployment benefits under this draft bill, other measures include $1400 stimulus checks at the previous $75,000 income threshold and expanding fully refundable $3000 child tax credit per child.

Increasing the Affordable Care Act’s premium tax credits to reduce healthcare premiums for low- and middle-income families and stabilizing pensions for more than one million Americans

It was also released that they included the $15 federal minimum wage increase and $130 billion for reopening K-12 schools.



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