MX Simulator - 2020 MotoOption SX Rd. 13 - Seattle

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During this downtime from real racing, we here at Racer X are happy to bring you the 13th round of the Pro MX Simulator SX series tonight from the replica Seattle track. This series features 80 of the best motocross gamers from around the world all competing against each other in both the 250SX and 450SX classes within the game.

You will witness a full night of racing from two heat races, a last chance qualifier, and the main event for both classes. This gaming championship has been running since 2010 and even features some great pro motocross racers like Jeremy Smith and Logan Leitzel who are also very good at the game.

Normally these broadcasts are streamed to our own Kellen Brauer's website at However, we felt it best to give you fans at home going stir crazy a firsthand look at one of the premier motocross gaming championships.

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