Midgardsormr TEARS it up!: Ciella's Wrath: Expert | Dragalia Lost

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Did you think HuMid cheese was done? Spoiler: it wasn't. With only a minor alteration, Human Midgardsormr cheeses yet another fight in water. This is by far the best and easiest comp for E!Ciella to date, I think.

-Human Midgardsormr-
Weapon: 8ub Failnaught (4ub should be ok)
Dragon: Gala Zephyr (Vayu ok)
WP: Forest Bonds, Sweet Surprise, Chocolatiers, Rogue's Banquet, Sisters of the Anvil
SS: T!Hope (Yuya preferred), H!Lowen (SWJ/Patia or T!Hope ok)
Backline: Mona (blade ok), DY!Xain (wand ok), G!Notte (Flexible. Can be sword, Megaman, dagger.

-Dragonyule Xainfried-
Weapon: Typhoon's Rule (Grants 50% skill prep. Agito ok, but needs 100% prep from WP if used)
Dragon: Gaibhne and Creidhne
WP: Astounding Trick, Chocolatiers, Study Rabbits, Dragon's Nest, From Whence He Comes.
^ Note: WP build is flexible. Only needs buff time, Dragon's Nest and 100% total prep. Run *both* Chocolatiers and Rogue's Banquet if not using Typhoon's Rule.
Backline: Tobias (no real substitute, but doable without.), Euden, HuMid (bow ok)

Terms used:
SS: Shared Skill
WP: Wyrmprint(s)
HuMid: Humanoid Midgardsormr
DY!Xain: Dragonyule Xainfried
GnC: Gaibhne and Creidhne
T!Hope: Templar Hope
S!Cleo: Summer Cleo
SWJ: Sha Wujing
E!Ciella: Expert Ciella's Wrath

Music used:
Super Secret Service - Defend the President
^ Cover by 8BitDanooct1, flashygoodness

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