Korean Melo-drama List [2019 Updated!!!]

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I have listed all the melodrama series I could think of and also my top 15 lists. This is just my own suggestion, So I hope you respect my suggestions.

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For those who cannot find it difficult to find Korean Drama songs and such I have made a separate tab where you can find the songs that are available on youtube and Soundcloud. https://kdramaviewer.com/k-drama-ost-suggestions/

I will give short reviews for those who are difficulty in reading a whole review of each episode and also be giving FAQs for you in case you are curious about it.

There are also List for Ongoing, Upcoming, Based on Genre and Recently Completed dramas
Ongoing Lists: https://kdramaviewer.com/ongoing-drama-list/
Upcoming Lists: https://kdramaviewer.com/upcoming-drama-list/
Recently Completed Lists: https://kdramaviewer.com/recently-completed-drama-list/

And also there is also quotes from the drama you find it interesting.

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