Gjon's Tears says "Tout l'univers" was written in English | Switzerland Eurovision 2021 INTERVIEW

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Switzerland's Eurovision 2021 singer Gjon's Tears tells us about his song "Tout l'univers". The song, now a favourite to win Eurovision in the betting odds, was originally written in English and called "Ground Zero". Gjon plays us a snippet of the original version and reveals that the jury preferred the recorded version in English, but preferred the live version in French. The song is about "construction and destruction" — and how we are stuck in this cycle of life. It's important that we love ourselves to get through challenges as we are the person who we can most control. Gjon also explains the meaning behind the music video and how it was inspired by a real-life incident he had in a burning car.

2:33 Discussing the cancellation of Eurovision 2020
8:17 The songwriting process for the song — starting with the English version
11:10 Gjon plays the first version of Ground Zero that they recorded
13:00 Which version did the jury in the Swiss selection prefer?
14:40 What's the meaning of the song?
18:00 Gjon explains the music video, which represents a cycle — it starts where it ends
22:45 Gjon says he was not satisfied with the live-on-tape performance and hopes to get to perform in live in Rotterdam with full effects and staging.
26:25 What was it like delivering your first live performance on Spanish broadcaster Telecino?
28:10 Gjon does not like to eat the day of a performance
31:56 Gjon sings his favourite Eurovision song — France's 1969 winner "Un jour, un enfant"


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