Dying Husband Removes his Gold-Digger Wife From Final Will. Leaves 100 Million to Caretaker.

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Three months ago, Mr. Rodriguez was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As his condition began to deteriorate, it was evident he needed constant care. His gold-digger wife suggested they hire a full-time caregiver to tend to his needs. Since she started working with the Rodriguez family, Liz has been a silver lining. She has been there for Mr. Rodriguez every step of the way. Meanwhile, Mrs. Rodriguez has been entrenched in her extravagant lifestyle and has not been there for her dying husband in his ultimate time of need. Finally, Mr. Rodriguez has come to realize a very hard truth and life lesson about their unhappy relationship. The millionaire Mr Rodriguez decides to leave his vast wealth and fortune to his caretaker instead.

Natalia Cruz
Brian D. Long
Miriam Benard
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