Coronavirus Vaccine Update With Paul Offit, MD

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Paul A. Offit, MD of @The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia returns to JAMA's Q&A series to provide an update on the emergence of COVID-19 variants and their implications for vaccine development, including the JNJ vaccine, scheduled for a @ Food and Drug Administration VRBPAC hearing on February 26, 2021. (see ). Recorded February 11, 2021.

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Topics discussed in this interview:
0:00 Introduction
0:24 Are we seeing natural and vaccine induced immunity?
3:32 mRNA Vaccine safety update
6:30 Variants and COVID vaccines
10:28 Variants - concerns
12:55 Broadly neutralizing vaccine for all variants
15:18 Preparing for a virulent COVID-19 variant
16:53 Johnson and Johnson vaccine
18:52 Who should get the JnJ vaccine?
20:32 Biologics License Application (BLA)
21:18 Vaccine platforms and variants
22:15 Adverse events
23:30 Anti-vaxxers and vaccine hesitancy
26:16 Sputnik and other international vaccine efforts
30:00 When will kids get a COVID vaccine?
32:44 Mandating vaccines

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