Bubble Gum Simulator Live Giveaway [☘ HIGH-VALUE PET WHEEL SPINS ☘] -RadDadZen

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In this Bubble Gum Simulator Live Giveaway (update 42) from the RadDadZen Zone we're giving away LIMITED pets, NEW UPDATE legendary pets, and much more!! Elemental Guardians, Scopios, Shiny Wyverns, and some surprise PET WHEEL ROLLS!!

We'll be doing NarWheel rolls, asking trivia questions, ROLLING PET WHEEL ROLLS, and more! Come join the HIGH-VALUE PET GIVEAWAY live right now at the #ZenZone.

Bubble Gum Simulator Live Giveaway [☘ HIGH-VALUE PET WHEEL SPINS ☘] -RadDadZen

✅Zfuel commands are active. Read the description below for more details.✅

????Type !zfuel in chat to see your total cans. (This command has a 15-second global cooldown)????

????Hang out in the stream to gain 1 can of Z-fuel for EVERY MINUTE you're in the stream. During SUPER-FUELED streams you gain even MORE!????
➡️Points carry over to future streams!⬅️
⬇️Here are the OTHER ways to earn Z-Fuel to spend in chat.⬇️
????Subscribe - earn 100 cans immediately
????Membership - 300 cans
????$1 USD in Superchat - 100 cans per $1

The Zfuel commands are ACTIVE now! This feature is still in BETA, is not guaranteed, and is subject to change.

⬇️COMMAND LIST⬇️ (Note, using the commands will SPEND your cans on perks)

????!z midpet ➡️ cost 1400 cans - ☘ 3 Shiny Wyvern Pets (UPDATE 42)
????!z superfuel ➡️ cost 1500 cans - Double Zfuel earned for EVERYONE per minute
????!z friendme ➡️ cost 2000 cans - Main account friends list
????!z zenpet ➡️ cost 2200 cans - ☘ 1 Scorpio Pet (UPDATE 42)
????!z shoutout ➡️ cost 2400 cans - We'll SHOUTOUT your channel, visit, and subscribe
????!z raidme ➡️ cost 2500 cans - We'll raid your channel at the end of the stream and spam your chat
????!z dancehype ➡️ costs 3000 cans - Activate the DANCE PARTY!!!
????!z blindpet ➡️ cost 3200 cans - ☘ Spin the WHEEL OF PETS
????!z bigpet ➡️ cost 3600 cans - ☘ Full inventory BLIND GIVEAWAY
????!z uberpet ➡️ cost 5000 cans - ☘ Light Demon or Night Terror or Shade Demon (Pick 1!)
????!z voicechat ➡️ cost 5000 cans - Voice Chat with me (30 minutes)!
????!z reveal ➡️ cost 50000 cans - Hair Reveal

????!z narwheel ➡️ cost 2400 cans - ROLL the legendary NarWheel!!

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