A Cry Babies Magic Tears Playdate Competition!

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The girls are having some friends over to check out all of the brand new Cry Babies Magic Tears toys! Addy, Maya, Scarlett, and Stella will unbox tons of these new dolls and will play a friendly little competition to see who knows the most about the Cry Babies Magic Tears animated cartoon series. The silly kids will pair off and take part in a fun quiz. Lucy will be the judge and the one to quiz the girls! Who will win the most toys? You'll have to watch to find out!

There are 12 super cute characters to collect and 1 rare. More Cry Babies to come soon! The bottle houses come in two different colors – pink and light turquoise. Unwrap the bottle house and see which character you’ll find inside! Each Cry Baby is dressed as a unique animal. So whether your favorite animal is a ladybug, puppy, bunny or even a froggy, you’ll find one you’ll absolutely love! Use their sippy bottle to give them a drink, then squeeze their tummy and watch them cry real tears!

Each pack contains a Cry Babies Magic Tears doll, 8 accessories including a sippy bottle, a bow, a pacifier, a chair, a personalized blanket to match your doll’s outfit and two surprise accessories unique to your Magic Tears doll. It also includes a sticker sheet unique to each different character. If you get really lucky, you’ll find a golden pacifier or golden bow! The bottle houses are shaped like baby bottles and can be decorated using a sticker sheet that comes inside the pack – so you can really personalize your Cry Babies’ home! You can move Cry Babies arms and legs to have them sit down, stand up, hold onto accessories – make them strike a pose of your choice!

Discover the magical world of Cry Babies Magic Tears by watching all the episodes from the animated series on YouTube & Amazon Prime Video! The series will take you on a journey with the Cry Babies Magic Tears to follow their adventures and discover friendship and teamwork. Get inspired and re-enact the stories with your favorite Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls – or create your own!

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